Factory Audit_qc

Why are factory audit services so important?

Our factory audit services will provide an in-depth audit report on the supplier's materials with on-site analysis from experienced professionals. We understand the expectation of our clients and communicate effectively with them for the audit services.

Our audit reports will be professional, accurate, and detailed in the first place with a solid supply chain built on trust and strong partnership. The solutions that we will provide will be cost and time effective. We will help you prepare a complete profile of the potential suppliers. You will be able to confirm the capability of the audited sites, preventing costly disruptions about the product launch.

These are the benefits of our factory audit services –

You will be able to avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.

Get the details of factories background

Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the factories.

Check the factories' experiences in product manufacturing quality control process.

Evaluate the validity of certification of relevant factories.

Get tips or suggestions to improve the collaboration with the existing partners.

We also provide customized factory audit report ranging from overview of the factory organization structure, factory facilities to the evaluation of factory complete quality control process (ISO9001 audit). We also provide Social accountability audit (SA8000) which accord to standard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. Our experienced audit professionals will perform the audits with reference to international standards & regulations, client's requirements & specifications and team expertise in quality control.

Textile Factory Assessment

This assessment enables a first overview of a factory’s set up, performances, and its principal points of compliance with international standards.

The overview evaluates both technical and social aspects, as well as the premises and key safety points. It is a snapshot evaluation which can be carried out in a short time period and which gives a good illustration of factory's set up and potential weaknesses. This first overview can be followed by a thorough audit on either technical or social aspects, depending on the results it brings to light.

Textile QMS Evaluation

Evaluating textile QMS consists of an expert analysis of all QC steps established by the manufacturer, whether prior or during the production. Raw material reception, lab testing, internal control process. This is to help guarantee the quality, safety and conformity of finished products.

The auditors control the quality system implemented, evaluate the bottlenecks and suggest best practices. The evaluation also helps to understand the manufacturer's ability to improve.

Textile Technical Audit

The technical auditors evaluate the effectiveness of the production organization, the production capacity and know-how of a specific factory. AQL BD relies on a pool of experienced auditors with a textile background. Specific modules can be added for different market segments or products type (ex: denim with a 2nd tier audit of a laundry).

What is a Textile Social Audit?

A social audit enables evaluation of the ability of a manufacturer to comply with local labor laws and international social standards.

AQL BD auditors will check the manufacturer’s compliance with local labor law, international best practices, and the brand's code of conduct. The goal is to assure that your supply chain is socially compliant, reducing the risk of working with non-compliant factories which could lead to damage to your brand's reputation if you were found to be selling goods produced in illegal or unsafe working conditions.

What happens next?

Following the social audit and depending on the results, a corrective and preventive action plan is proposed by the manufacturer and re-checked by the auditors within 6 to 9 months, depending on the gravity of observations and points to be corrected.