AQL BD believes that the best price for our customers. Since we delight our customers very myself we don’t have a set standard price for our services. We will send you a customized quote as per your requirements.

Transparent, Straightforward and All-Inclusive Inspections Prices

Our audit and inspection price is all-inclusive in our coverage area. It is planned based on the number of inspectors and days of inspection: man-day. Most inspections need 1 day. It can vary depending on the inspected sampling size, the number of references and the complexity of your product.

Please contact us in advance to book quality control inspections with this option, so we can smoothly arrange our inspectors' schedules and confirm the right inspection date with your vendor.

Payment Methods:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Western Union
  3. Payzer
  4. LC is under processes

If customers have any other method, Please feel free to contact with AQL BD, and AQL BD try to meet the customer. We are here ready and confident to serve you.