Inventory control is crucial part of every industry.  Inventory control of Apparel, textile and fashion industry must keep inventory in their warehouse/store. Inventory control is called stock management which save cost, time and increase work efficiency of your warehouse.



Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports or weekly inspection analysis report communication. Inspection report communication with customers nominated person along with pictures.


Inspection of machinery, materials, components and accessories to be used for your order prior to production. The PPI gives you a clear vision of the production planning and process and helps to prevent possible deviations and flaws that could affect the quality of your goods.


Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity; this inspection is made when between 20 % to 60% of your production is completed. The inspector checks workmanship quality, raw materials, product appearance, weight check, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other special  requirements depending on the product specifications and the export market. The unfinished products and the compliance with the initial planning of production are also verified. During Production Inspection improves your control over production, permits timely correction of flaws and improvements in quality.


This inspection very most important and we are guarantees to your 100% about quality/your requirements. We are check peach to peach (100%) in factory or our warehouse.


An Inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications. This inspection, the most important, and international standards. The pre-shipment inspection takes place when 100% of the productions finished and full packed in cartons. The inspector checks on-site the completed products, the packaging and the packing by sampling according to the method AQL and your requirements. Full Inspection Comprehensive inspection of 100% of your production conducted according to your instructions and our inspectors ‘experience. This service is advisable for products of high tenacity and products with high added value.


Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.


Aql Bd also doing any other special inspection by the customer's request.



# Inspection Coverage: Any places in Bangladesh with AQL BD inspectors can do inspection.

# Expertise: Right skill experience Inspectors assigned, Inspect seriously, carefully and thoroughly.

# Effectiveness: AQL BD Punctual and efficient communication guarantee timely/precise inspection work done.

# Quick Reporting: AQL BD usually makes the report summary and review and sent to customer within 24hours after inspection.

# Competitive pricing: Competitive all-inclusive prices without any hidden cost.


We Kindly Request Use Our Betters Service

# Detailed information is offered by customer for a completed checklist, so as to guarantee a correct and careful inspection.

# An early on contact to AQL BD is needed, so improved research/accurate inspector can be finalize for the inspection.

# Inspection day at least 2 days before loading/shipment date is suggested, so the product troubles found can be corrected before shipment.

# Time in communication and inspection research is needed, and it costs to travel to inspect, so payment prior to inspection will be requested.