As your local agent, AQL BD helps you to manage your business in Bangladesh to make it easier, safer and smoother. Also AQL BD can be reduce your business trips and reduce your costing money. AQL BD provides One-stop service for your products made in Bangladesh. AQL BD is a professional 3rd Parity Quality Center, Trading House and Apparel solution center in Bangladesh.

AQL BD Quality Inspection Center is a professional Bangladesh Third Party Inspection center in Bangladesh, We offering to customer Quality Control to Container Loading Supervision service.
We have qualified quality and very experience inspectors & technical team. Our mission is to ensure your products purchased in Bangladesh can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements before they leave Bangladesh boarder.
Our careful quality inspection at different stages of production can help find most of the quality problems of products, thus you can always know the production status and request to correct the problems at factory even when you are far away from Bangladesh. We can always finish one order inspection within one work day and present the detailed report to you within 24 hours after inspection. Please allow us a chance to work for you and show our expertise to you.

AQL BD a faithfully international reliable quality readymade garments buying house, and one of the well-established & reputed registered buying solutions agent in Bangladesh, sourcing varieties of products, developing, producing, monitoring, controlling quality & timely service as per our customers’ requirements within the reasonable prices.

From sketching to making your design a reality full package pattern, design and sampling making services is a great way to get you started when your budget is limited and need to have a full technical team working for you. Our apparel solution Center is design and sampling making services include:
Fashion consulting, Fashion design, Pattern Making, Pattern Grading, Marker Copies, Computer Marker Yields, Garment Measuring chart making, flat sketching, Sample Cutting, Sample sewing and others apparel solution services.

AQL BD is located at UTTARA in capital of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is approximately 05 minutes from Shah Jalal International Airport Dhaka.
Our aim is to fulfill customer’s expectation by our sincere activities quality products at competitive prices, with the commitment of shipment through our total teamwork.

AQL BD has been sustained by constant adherence to our principles of ethical responsibility, neutral positioning. Our regular presence in factories gives continuous knowledge of the respect of your ethical values, not only on a spot basis. Also AQL BD reduces the customer businesses trips and money.

Our Service are Always


Inventory control is crucial part of every industry. Inventory control of Apparel, textile and fashion industry must keep inventory in their warehouse/store. Inventory control is called stock management which save cost, time and increase work efficiency of your warehouse.


Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports or weekly inspection analysis report communication. Inspection report communication with customers nominated person along with pictures. Also we will follow customer any require reports.


Inspection of machinery, materials, components and accessories to be used for your order prior to production. The PPI gives you a clear vision of the production planning and process and helps to prevent possible deviations and flaws that could affect the quality of your goods.


Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity; this inspection is made when between 20 % to 60% of your production is completed. During Production Inspection improves your control over production, permits timely correction of flaws and improvements in quality.


This inspection very most important and we are guarantees to your 100% about quality/your requirements. We are check peach to peach (100%) in factory or our warehouse. This service is advisable for products of high tenacity and products with high added value.


FRI to guarantee the  production to as your specifications. This FRI, the most important, and international standards. The FRI takes place when 100% of the productions finished and full packed in cartons. The inspector checks according to AQL method/customer requirements.


A CLC is the final step in the manufacturing process. Ensure that the final details of your product are correct and actual quantity securely loaded onto your container. Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications and are securely loaded for shipment.


To ensure the quality, desired weight, construction and color etc. We make sure that our supplier can meet our requirements when it comes to reaching the average number of pieces produced as per buyer’s requirement at a given period of time to meet schedule.


Upon placement of orders, we check right away and control the quality of all garment inputs such as yarn, fabric, accessories, labeling and coordinates timing of their procurement and its timely delivery. We have a very strong team about sourcing.


We develop and provide samples as per buyers design, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, specifications etc. Buyers’ approval before heading to production through our professional staff of Merchandisers, technical team and QC team.


Our Quality Controllers visit the factory with regular intervals to make sure we meet our buyer’s requirements. Our quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites to ensure that all production will meet buyer’s requirement.


Packaging is an important part of the product, which has to receive a lot of attention to the people.Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether all packing instructions of the buyer are respected.


We also monitor and report the status of the order to the buyer with systematic follow up on each and every stage. All documents are also required for export and import process we have check. Also we  talk the necessary documents for garments export.


All shipping documents are reviewed and verify as to buyers instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable forwarder to obtain correct information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels because time delivery is as important for us as it is to the buyer.


Apparel cloth making consultant. Learn industry best practices and avoid costly mistakes before manufacturing all your designs and technical issue. We provide full technical (design to sampling) consulting services  and secrets before manufacturing a design.


AQL BD designer has over 10+ years’ experience in apparel design and construction. Also very good computer skill and skilled in technical flat and garment production and writing and drawing garment corrections. Also we are follow as customer requirements.


AQL BD have an expertise is Garment Tech packs designer that are visually appealing and convey information in a quick and effective manner. We lay stress on both the aesthetics as well as technological compliance, keeping in mind the compatibility, color schemes and optimization.


AQL BD makes the measurements sheet and your garment correctly and set important points of measurement for your design. And even if you think you do you should become very comfortable with the process because chances are, you’ll find yourself well measure the garments.


Creating correct grading rules and formulas for all your designs will prevent bad proportions for all your sizes when applying grading rules around the perimeter of your pattern. Grade rules are pre-established measurements used to correctly grade all the points of your pattern.


Ready to start using our pattern making services and create your first patterns or next project with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced pattern makers have worked for over 12 years in the garment industry and are ready to assist you with the making of all your pattern.


Accurate pattern sizing which will eliminate bad fit on garments due to bad pattern proportions. Customers who use our pattern grading services benefit the most by using our experienced pattern graders who can take your flat single pattern design and convert it into multiple sizes.


Need computer marker yields but you do not have a digital patterns? No problem, we can digitize all your manually made patterns so you can save hundreds of dollars before cutting your designs. Need to know how much fabric you will need to cut 100 or 1000 garments.


Our sample cutting experience includes: working with light weight fabrics as jerseys, Lycra, chiffon, georgette, and more. Heavy weight fabrics we have cut includes: Denim, chambray, corduroys and more. We can cutting the any kind of fabric as buyer requirements.


We are not a manufacturing company but can cut and sew samples for clients who have finished the design process with us and now need to have sewn by samples ready to show to potential buyers, or salesman samples to spread around to different boutiques or online clothing stores.


List of AQL BD Management