AQL BD Quality Inspection Center is a professional Bangladesh Third Party Inspection center in Bangladesh, We offering to customer Quality Control to Container Loading Supervision service.

We have qualified quality and very experience inspectors & technical team. Our mission is to ensure your products purchased in Bangladesh can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements before they leave Bangladesh boarder.

Our careful quality inspection at different stages of production can help find most of the quality problems of products, thus you can always know the production status and request to correct the problems at factory even when you are far away from Bangladesh. We can always finish one order inspection within one work day and present the detailed report to you within 24 hours after inspection. Please allow us a chance to work for you and show our expertise to you.

AQL BD Quality Inspection center has been a dedicated 3rd party quality survey center. AQL BD has served lot regular and new customers. AQL BD work strongly with our customers, fully understands customer requirements, and for all time work to on top of customer expectation. Before AQL BD quality inspector go for inspection, the necessary information from AQL BD customers is gathered, and a full and enough checklist is composed and reviewed. There on the site, AQL BD inspectors work carefully and professionally to check the products conformity following each and every checking points, and take important pictures and comments. AQL BD very soon, a detailed and inspection report is formed and sent to our customers for further action. AQL BD have helped many customers find some quality problems and helped resolve the problems earlier than delivery, which save a lot of trouble and money for our customers.